Logo Design Fees

Logo Design Fees

Having a logo is an investment, not an expense. We know a lot of brands that are more successful than their competitors because they have a professional logo and a strong brand. A logo is the first part of a brand or business that a possible customer sees. Because of this, logo design is an essential factor for brands that want to compete in this challenging market. The logo is the first thing people recognize about your company. The more professional your logo is, the more effortless your clients will remember your brand and company.

Logo Concept Design
Typed Logo Concept Design
Edit Numbers
Stamp Design
Dedicating Organizational Colors
Brief Meeting and Brand Strategy Design
Designing Related Mockups
Second Language Logo Type Design
Rebriefing Meeting
Choosing Organizational Fonts
Analyzing and Monitoring Competitors
Catalog Design ( Maximum 10 Pages)
Logo Design Motion
Full Office Supplies Design
Brand Identity Design Booklet
Social Networks' Post and Story Template Design
Organizational Icon Design
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2 بار
15.000.000 89
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2 بار
1 اتود
38.000.000 299
3 اتود
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2 بار
2 اتود

Design Fees FAQ

How will the logo be edited?

The editing of the logo is done if approved by the employer. However, it will include minor changes to save the principles and proportions of the logo.

What is the brief and brand strategy design meeting?

The brief meeting will be held online or in person. The brief will not deal with the details of the aesthetic aspects of the design. The brief helps you (the client) to know what you want precisely before starting the project.

How is mockup designed?

Mockups are preview files of logos on advertising items, office sets, billboards, etc. The clients can see a preview of their logo before printing. The number of designed mockups will be based on the requirements and agreement.

Analyzing and Monitoring the Competitors

This part is done after completing the brief form, and Monskhah Studio analyzes partner brands, evaluates them in terms of organizational colors and logos, and chooses the right strategy.

What does office set design include?

Office Set DesIGN Including: Double-sided business card, A4 & A5 letterheads, envelope in A5 & A4 Sizes, and notes.

Brand Identity PDF Booklet

This booklet defines the dos and don’ts that a brand will follow in its advertising and visual identity. The basic rules and principles are to observe the integrity and unity of all the visual effects that a brand follows.

Organizational Icons

The icons’ design will follow the logo’s form and color to be used in social networks, catalogs, and websites.

What will the logo concepts be like?

The specified number of studies is based on the selected package type, and both parties agree upon these studies.

How is the organizational color determined?

Determining the organizational colors will be based on observing and analyzing competitors and the target market. It will also be found on the brief form, the employer’s request, and the business environment.

What is a rebriefing meeting?

After completing the brief form, Mouneskhah creative design studio team will determine the result of the classification and brand requirements based on the analysis of the brief form and inform the client, and the logo design project will begin.

How will the organizational fonts be chosen?

Each brand needs fonts that help the brand’s visual identity concerning its identity and personality.

What is a Pattern?

The pattern or texture of the logo’s form combined with the details of the logo creates a unified shape that helps people recognize the brand.

What is logo motion design?

Motion logo design for advertising clips and social media in about five seconds with exclusive audio.

What is story and post template design?

Instagram Highlights icon design, Story Template Design, and Post Template Design.

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