About Us

استودیو مونس خواه | طراحی لوگو در تبریز

Mouneskhah Creative Design Studio

Mouneskhah Creative Design Studio is a multi-disciplinary, independently-owned design studio with about 20 years of experience in Logo and Brand Identity Design. Our structure is unique. We are the only design studio where the owners create the work and are the primary point of contact for every client. This represents our philosophy that great design requires passion, intelligence, and, most importantly, personal devotion, as evidenced by a portfolio spanning nearly 20 years, several international industries, and clients of all sizes.


We aim to help companies to increase their brand awareness and improve their digital visibility by creating descriptive logos and proper designs.

Our Mission

Helping Companies to present themselves better and promote their business efficiently.

About Founder

Abolfazl Mouneskhah is a natural designer who started design as a child and learned it academically by attending Iran Technical & Vocational Training Organization’s workshops and getting international certificates.

He studied Software Engineering and Communication at the university to combine his art with the required science to create masterpieces in today’s digital world.

He founded Mouneskhah creative design studio in 2004. He gathered an outstanding team of designers, engineers, and technicians who have created many impressive projects. 

Abolfazl’s logos and designs are famous for their simplicity and clarity and frequently capture the key characteristics of the thing or subject he represents. His work is at the crossroads of logo creation, communications, and the built environment. It includes various design fields, including visual identities, brand identity, posters, e-media, exhibitions, logos, and advertising.